About James J. Biemer, MD


About the Practice

Dr. Biemer, Julia and their friendly team have created a welcoming, concierge-style internal medicine practice in Portland, Oregon emphasizing great service and customized, top-quality care. While medicine can be confusing, Dr. Biemer, Julia and their team will work with you to make your healthcare manageable and convenient.

While the alarming trend in primary care medicine is to ask fewer and fewer providers to see more patients in less time, Dr. Biemer and Julia keep their practice small and intimate. This allows them and their team to build closer, personal relationships with their patients.

The helpful team members know you by name and strive to make accessibility as simple as possible. The practice offers easy and flexible provider-patient communication by phone, portal or virtual visits. Same-day or next-day appointments are available whenever you need one. A modest monthly fee ensures a personalized experience and exceptional service.

Dr. Biemer, Julia and their team will work with you on personalized care plans emphasizing preventive care, weight management, fitness and preventable diseases associated with aging.

Dr. Biemer's practice honors your time by providing access to critical services when it is convenient for you. To learn more, call the office today.