Concierge Medicine Specialist

James J. Biemer, MD

Internists located in Portland, OR

Your body is unique — shouldn’t your health care be? At his practice in Portland, Oregon, James J. Biemer, MD, offers concierge medicine in providing the highest level of care and service to his patients. With this model, a yearly fee grants you access to same-day appointments, phone and email support, and the close attention you deserve from any health care provider. With a specialty in internal medicine, Dr. Biemer can help you navigate all of your health needs in one place.

Concierge Medicine Q & A

What is concierge medicine?

With Dr. Biemer’s concierge medicine program, you get primary care that’s both cutting-edge and convenient. In the same way you get personalized attention from a hotel concierge, Dr. Biemer uses this approach for your medical needs. The practice focuses on close and continuing communication between doctor and patient, rapid problem solving, easy availability by phone and email, and office visits when you need one. The annual fee of $720 provides for better customer service and customized care.

What are the benefits of concierge medicine?

Primary care medicine is increasingly losing its emphasis on “care,” because fewer physicians must see more patients in less time. Dr. Biemer’s practice emphasizes personalized communication and care, so it is most convenient and effective. You not only have the medical care you need when you’re sick or having symptoms, but you’ll find friendly staff members who know you by name and are there to make things happen for you.

The team works with you on personalized plans that emphasize preventive care, weight management, fitness, and dodging the diseases of aging.

The Patient Portal is an extension of this personalized care: You have access to critical online services when it is convenient for you, day or night. And you can also get in touch with Dr. Biemer and his team through the portal or by phone.

Because you aren’t competing with other patients for a doctor’s time and attention, you get the outcomes you desire and the care you need. Additionally, Dr. Biemer is committed to educating and empowering his patients, so you are always an active participant in your own health care.

What happens if I need other services?

Not only does Dr. Biemer spend quality time with each patient, but he has access to a wide network of trusted specialists. If you need a medical referral for a specific test or service, he can guide you through the process to ensure that your care is easy and coordinated.

Dr. Biemer invites you to explore and enjoy a new type of health care. If you’re interested in the concierge medicine program, contact the office today to schedule an appointment.