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For some people, weight loss is a lifelong battle. If you’ve tried and failed time and time again, visit the James J. Biemer, MD, Weight Loss Program in Portland, Oregon.Using the medically supervised Ideal Protein® Protocol, and a compassionate, tailored approach, Dr. Biemer and his well-trained team will help you adopt the strategies and habits necessary to achieve your ideal body and maintain your health for life. Begin today by calling the office to schedule a personalized consultation.

Weight Loss Q & A


What are the benefits of medically supervised weight loss?

Dr. Biemer and his team began using the Ideal Protein® Protocol to help patients lose weight in early summer of 2015. This protocol is developed by medical doctors and is only available in a clinical setting. The results we have seen are consistent and impressive.

The program helps clients cut carbs, fats, and sugars, while maintaining adequate protein intake through supplemental Ideal Protein foods and a carefully structured diet. This initiates ketosis which promotes fat burning with muscle maintenance. The protocol results in consistent and efficient weight loss.

In addition to feeling and looking your best, weight loss is frequently associated with additional health improvements: better blood sugar regulation, lower blood pressure, lower cholesterol, fewer cravings, better sleep, and improved mood, to name a few.

What is included in my Ideal Protein weight loss program?

Throughout the four phases of the Ideal Protein® Protocol, dedicated coaches provide weekly one-on-one support sessions and ongoing education. They are here to motivate, educate, and guide clients through the process.

In addition to weekly meetings with a coach, participants have access to online coaching videos, diet-friendly recipes, and a host of other resources. During the program you will learn the role of carbohydrates and insulin in fat storage, and how to combat that through diet choices. You will complete the program with healthier habits and the tools you need to maintain a balanced weight. Our coaches stay connected with clients after graduation to support weight maintenance.

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Our Weight Loss Program is available to current members of our practice as well as any individual seeking medically supervised weight loss.

To begin your weight loss journey today, contact our coaches, Kazumi and Molly, at Dr. Biemer’s office today. Also, please visit James J. Biemer, MD’s Ideal Protein weight loss page.

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